Holistic Medicine that heals Mind & Body

Acupuncture is a powerful
medicine that Changes lives

It changed mine. Now I try my best to help my clients tap into their internal pharmacy and resources to live healthier and more balanced & centred lives.

Acupuncture is a powerful medicine that changes lives

It changed mine.

Now I try my best to help my clients to tap into their internal pharmacy and resources to live healthier and more balanced & centred lives.

shane kiely

Bringing your health, full circle, Naturally!


Originally from Ireland, I migrated with my Australian partner and our family of three children, now 26, 21 & 17 to the Eastern Suburbs (Sydney) in 2007. I proudly become a naturalised Australian citizen in 2013.

I can say from a young age I was curious about the world, its’ people and philosophies. By my early teens I was already keenly aware of the limitations of small town life and knew that the future would see me expand my horizons beyond those stable and humble roots and out into the wider world. My life hasn’t followed a standard linear path, sequence or timelines. By and large I’ve charted my own unique and sometimes winding course in life. I feel I’m a richer and more rounded person for doing so.


At a certain point in my life, I developed a chronic lower back pain problem. For a long time I lived with it, but it was a constant source of irritation and greatly reduced my quality of life. Eventually, I decided to seek help and began looking for someone or something that could help shift this burden and give me some relief and respite from constant pain. I tried various options, from physiotherapy, chiropractics, osteopathy and other therapies. To be clear these are all valid therapies and many people find relief through these modalities. It wasn’t until I came across acupuncture that I began to gain some hope of moving past this thing that had really impacted on how I felt and how I lived my life.

For me acupuncture worked.

It helped reduce and finally settle all pain. The interesting thing was that I think the pain had left long before I was willing to finish attending acupuncture sessions.

Over time and after each session I found subtle shifts in other areas of my life. I was more grounded, more focused, and more open to making further positive changes in my life. The reduced pain levels gave me renewed confidence in my movement and with a new more positive mindset I began to train in martial arts and returned to my original love of playing football.

With hindsight and the perspective of time I came to realise that I had become stuck during this ‘pain’ period. Negative aspects of my life, my work, my ways of thinking were all contributors in some way to my experience of pain at the time.

Acupuncture helped resolve my pain but its beauty was in its subtlety and in it’s ability to bring me fully home to myself and creating the space for change.


Many years later having installed a set of bookcases in a client’s home, I casually asked her ‘So what do you do for a living……?’

The lady handed me her card which gave her name and title -‘Acupuncturist’. On reading it, I recall hearing my own voice, loud and clear in my head that said – ‘and that’s what you’ll become’. It was a bizarre moment from out of the blue. I could have overruled it but instead chose to explore the idea. Having swallowed much fear, doubt and good reason I was on my way to become a student of Chinese Medicine.


Somehow, through a mixture of good fortune, a tolerant and supportive family, gut instinct and resilience I now find myself in a position where I’ve been able to align my values, of service to my community, my interests in holistic health (Chinese medicine) and my passion from martial arts and movement into a Dao, or ‘way’ of life.

They say, ‘love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life’.

I love what I do, and I love where I do it and I think you’ll find that this reflects in my practice. 

I’ve created Kintsugi Therapies for Eastern Suburbs locals to support them in their health and well-being needs.
For me there is no greater satisfaction than meeting and helping my local community, giving back to that community and being part of making it a better and healthier place to live.


While it’s true that we live in a very beautiful physical environment in the East, that same environment can place high demands on us to keep producing, keep moving and not to drop the ball.

If not conditioned, then at least we are encouraged to ignore any whispers of dis-ease from our body/mind.

These days it seems like it’s way easier to lose our health and vitality and much more difficult to maintain our physical, emotional, and psychological well-being with the many stresses placed upon us.

It’s worth asking the questions-

Are we resonating, flowing with, and making the most of our natural surroundings? Is our work, social and/or home environment supporting us as people? 

Or do we find ourselves swimming against the current, running our battery into the red or losing ourselves in the noise of the world around us?

Are we living with or trying to cope with pain or dysfunctional body systems?

Do we need to make changes to improve our health, to connect more compassionately with ourselves, with others and with our true rhythms and natural environment? To work out what’s serving us well and what’s not?


If you believe you could do with genuine support to maintain or improve your health, then Kintsugi Therapies offers you that space, that support and a choice of powerful therapies as a catalyst for change and as a means to address pain and dysfunction, to recover, rehabilitate and to increase your sense of well being.

Being proactive begins with small steps.
Small steps turn into long strides. 
Let’s walk together for awhile.

From one local to another, I look forward to meeting you.

All the best,



Reasons to choose Kinstugi Therapies

• Professional, Friendly & Local Allied Health Service

• Client Focused Individualised Treatments Based on Care,Compassion, Connection & Trust

• Cost Effective Treatments

• Multiple Therapies Available as Stand Alone or in Combination  

• Referral Network to Other Health Professionals if Required

• Lifelong Learner Committed to Continued Improvement and Refinement of Skills

• Health Fund Rebates Available (Acupuncture & Remedial Massage)