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A key element of Kintsugi Therapies holistic outlook centres around empowering and encouraging you to be active in your own healing and recovery.

This could include a range of strategies from education in certain areas e.g. pain, dietary, exercise, to active referrals and working in conjunction with other allied health and health professionals to provide you with high value care and the opportunity for achieving improved outcomes. 

Educate yourself

Use resources and discover quality information that can empower you to make a difference to your own health and well-being

The following are a selection of links to various resources that I hope you will find helpful.

As a life long learner I’m always happy to hear of further suggestions you may have to add to this list and/or to discuss any questions that may pop up.

Links may expire – if you find any links below that are broken, please let us know via our contact form.


Excellent resources from Australian and world renowned Pain educator Lorimer Moseley and more. I highly recommend checking out this site and his Ted Talk ‘Why things hurt’.
Fact sheets from Australia’s peak body Pain Australia provide basic pain related info from our current Western scientific understanding.
Info sheets from Australia’s Pain Management Network
Pain Revolution is on a mission to help all Australians access community-based pain education through the Local Pain Educator Program. Here you’ll find a variety of resources, including videos, website links, audio/podcasts, books and courses
So much info and support for those dealing with chronic pain on this site. It’s best to head over there and take a look yourself. Videos, books, weblinks and a forum where you can connect and ask questions with others.


A very informative site on Bells palsy which should help understand causes, nerves, muscles, symptoms, residual effects and potential treatment (with a focus on neuromuscular re-training)

More high quality info coming soon...